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AnyLexic Server

Weave your glossary web with other translators!

Who can be better than a professional translator?
The answer is: Two professional translators!

Working with terminological glossaries is an essential part of any translation process. Following AnyLexic, time-tested Terminology Management Software by AIT, we extend a new generation terminology management program. AnyLexic Server, a brand-new software can help on each stage of team terminology management process. You can create, edit, search, and exchange any multilingual glossary with other translators in a reliable and convenient way.

Four eyes see more than two

Team terminology management with AnyLexic Server becomes simple, fast and harmonious. It enables to unite efforts with other translators when managing terminological dictionaries. The more translators work on the same project in a team the more urgent is the need for a shared term bank.
AnyLexic Server offers significant flexibility and productivity in terminology management. All terminology is stored in one database on Server which can be accessed through local area network or via Internet using AnyLexic Client (AnyLexic, version 2.0).

Forget about dictionary ping-pong!

AnyLexic Server assists in gaining ultimate terminology and term consistency among its users. With the ability to share terminology dictionaries database within a group of AnyLexic users you can forget about dictionary ping-pong for ever. AnyLexic Server frees a project manager from being a transmission medium between other translators. The new server product suggests different access rights to different users.

Providing back-up security, integrity check and repair of terminological database the new server product is proved to be highly reliable.

Interest, profit and dividends from your term bank

AnyLexic Server software is designed for the benefit of translation agencies, linguists, lexicographers and freelance translators.

Concurrent remote access to a common terminology database on AnyLexic Server helps to achieve ultimate terminology and term consistency among translators working under one project. With the access to a shared terminology database on AnyLexic Server through Internet simultaneously the newly-released software simplifies the work of geographically scattered offices and remotely working staff.

AnyLexic Server simplifies and cheapens translation teamwork significantly. It helps to coordinate and synchronize work at common translation projects without data loss. The software enables to create a solid terminological database by joined efforts. This advanced server solution helps to increase productivity accelerating translation speed greatly.